Gijs' Education

In the year 2007-2008 I studied at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.
After this I went to study at the pre-education of ArtEZ Uden from 2008 - 2013.

I continued my studies at the Bachelor of Dance of ArtEZ Uden from 2013 - 2017. Besides that I practiced Capoeira for 9 years and I danced at Boys Action for 1 year.

2016 - 2017 Introdans
1 year Internship; performed:
Robert Battle
Mauro Di Bigonzetti
Regina van Berkel
Jiri Kilian
2008 - current Capoeira
Afro-Brazilian Martial Art
2013 - 2017 ArtEZ Uden
Bachelor of Dance; Choreographies:
Amos Ben-Tal
Lucinda Childs
Jasper van Luijk
2012 - 2013 Boys Action classes
2008 - 2013 ArtEZ
2006 - 2008 Royal Dutch Conservatory

Teaching ...

I do enjoy dancing with whole my body and mind and I would like to achieve my goals and dreams. In the future I would like to pass on this dance knowledge as a teacher.

I teach at the amateur dance school Mars Bentum Performing Arts in Zutphen-NL. Weekly I teach a Classical Ballet and a Modern/ Contemporary class (adults).

Even though I don't have a teaching degree and lack of (life) experience because I am young, I feel confident and comfortable teaching students (twice my age).
My enthusiasm and my social skills help me during teaching, being a good example helps as well. I follow a clear prepared structure, but I am flexible to adapt.
Teaching taught me how to deal with responsibility like casualties and injuries, how to treat and deal with it but most importantly how to prevent it. Funny enough teaching has benefit to me as a dancer. My learning process is more productively, I take better care of my body and I learn to be independent by analyzing dance and to correct myself.

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... & Making

" Choreographing and creating drives me too. In the ArtEZ education choreographing is included. We create solo's, duet's and several 'open podiums' to show own work.
I assembled a piece for my students from 'Mars Bentum' for the festival 'Winter Wonder Land' in Lochem.
I first need to experience and learn being a dancer before I will take on the role as a 'maker'.
Videos of pieces I created in collaboration:

... Suspiria : Duet with Davide Calabrese 2014 ... Bingo project : Interdisciplinary project 2015 ... Bingo project : Interdisciplinary project 2015
Videos of my own work:

... Stage audition : solo 2015, age 19 ... Solo ArtEZ : first year, 2013, age 17
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